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Jeans, jeans, they’re good for the butt. A good pair of jeans can really make that booty pop, and of course, their versatility and longevity are bonuses, too. Old Navy has a ton of different denim looks for every body type and style preference, and the prices are affordable, especially when you can catch a good sale (which happens often). The other good thing about the jeans from Old Navy is the stock doesn’t change as frequently as some of their other styles, so this is a great one to refer back to anytime you’re looking for a little denim refresh! For reference, all jeans fit true to size. See jeans styles from Old Navy below.

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I don’t usually love a wide leg look on me, but for some reason these jeans stole my heart! I’m not sure if it’s the long length, the slight distressing, or how comfortable there were, but these Sky-Hi wide leg jeans were my favorite! I loved the high-rise cut too for those days when you want to tuck away the tummy.

I really liked this pair as well. The only thing I didn’t love was how they seem to be a little tapered…I wish the ankle was just a little wider. I could definitely wear these all day and be comfy, though. Overall, I liked the looser fit of these OG straight jeans!

This was another pair that I really liked for the most part. I actually am wearing a petite length in these because they didn’t have my size in a regular length in the store, but I think if these had just been a tad longer (the regular length would have given me that), these mid-rise loose boyfriend jeans would have been a contender for favorite!! They’re definitely a little lower cut around the waist so if you prefer high-rise, I wouldn’t recommend these.

Wide leg for the win again! There was something about these jeans that just felt really good. I think the looser fit gives it a more casual, laidback vibe, and I’m all about comfort! I do also like the lighter wash, and again, the high-rise cut gives a little extra forgiveness with these Wow wide leg jeans.

Bringing back the flare, baby! I did not think I was going to like these when I tried them on, but I was pleasantly surprised. These Wow flare jeans reminded me of my younger days, and I don’t know if it was the nostalgia or how well these seemed to fit all over, but I was ready to wear these for the rest of the day.

I’m pretty simple when it comes to my style – I’m talking no frills or unnecessary extras. I really don’t wear jeans much to begin with, and while I liked the fit and length these jeans gave, those two little pockets on the front were just too much of a distraction for me. I think if I had chosen a different style of these extra high-rise wide leg jeans, I would have maybe liked them more.

I want to love cuffed boyfriend jeans, I really do. I always see them and think they look so cute, but for some reason I feel like it’s a look I can’t pull off. These fit well and felt comfortable, but I just didn’t love how they looked on me. These mid-rise Wow boyfriend jeans would be perfect for someone who can rock the cuffed ankle jean look, though!

I am typically a skinny jean gal. The three pairs of jeans I own are skinny jeans. I also, however, like to be able to move in my denim, and these high-rise Rockstar super skinny jeans were SUPER skinny. I felt like they were painted on! If you’re not planning to move around much I do think these look sleek, but they didn’t feel very practical to me.

These were a looser fitting “skinny” jean, but I didn’t find them all that flattering. They felt good around my waist and I liked the length, but they were a little too baggy through parts of the leg area. It was almost like these high-rise Wow straight jeans couldn’t decide between being a skinny jean or a straight jean.

I haven’t tried on a classic bootcut jean in a really long time. These Wow bootcut jeans felt super comfortable and fit well, but I just don’t think this is the look for me. Beware these are mid-rise, so they’re a little lower cut around the waist.

Oh boy. These high-rise OG Loose jeans were just a big fat no. The cut, the length, the fit…everything did not work. They were baggy in a sloppy looking way and I didn’t find anything about them flattering. It may just be my frame, but I can’t see these being a style I would ever wear.

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