Amazon Holiday Styles

The holiday season is swiftly approaching and no matter what or how you celebrate, having a cute outfit to show off is always a good idea. Amazon is our go-to for pretty much everything, and their fashion options certainly don’t disappoint either! With constant deals on tons of pieces, plus the prime “try before youContinue reading “Amazon Holiday Styles”

Work Out with Fabletics

No matter how much you love fitness or enjoy a good workout, there are always those times when you just can’t find the motivation to get up and get moving. It can seriously be a struggle. I find that having some cute workout gear can help put a little pep in my step though, andContinue reading “Work Out with Fabletics”

Jeans Styles from Old Navy

Jeans, jeans, they’re good for the butt. A good pair of jeans can really make that booty pop, and of course, their versatility and longevity are bonuses, too. Old Navy has a ton of different denim looks for every body type and style preference, and the prices are affordable, especially when you can catch aContinue reading “Jeans Styles from Old Navy”

H&M Fall Styles

Have we mentioned that fall is our favorite season for fashion?! The snuggly fabrics, the warm colors, the cozy textures…the best way to get through the cold weather is with a hot wardrobe. H&M is a great place to grab trendy outfits for affordable prices, so you can try out that fashion fad you sawContinue reading “H&M Fall Styles”

Fall Styles at Aerie

As the weather starts to get cooler, the only thing on our minds is how we can stay comfy and cozy all fall long. Dressing comfortably doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style though! Aerie has tons of adorable athleisure and loungewear items that are as cute as they are snug, and right now they’reContinue reading “Fall Styles at Aerie”

Halloween Apparel from Amazon

Some people love Halloween. Some people just can’t seem to get on board with the ghosts and ghouls and scary shenanigans and crazy costumes. If you want to celebrate the holiday but you don’t want to go all-out with a costume, you can still show your paranormal pride with a Halloween-themed outfit that looks chicContinue reading “Halloween Apparel from Amazon”

Fall Capsule Wardrobe from Old Navy

Having a standout seasonal wardrobe does not have to be expensive! Carefully choosing style staples that coordinate and complement will not only save you money, it will also save you time! We put together a capsule wardrobe featuring blacks, browns, bright berries, and sprinkles of sparkling champagne so you can mix and match for everyContinue reading “Fall Capsule Wardrobe from Old Navy”

Target Fall Styles

It’s no secret that we love Target. Whether we’re shopping for home decor, beauty products, school snacks for the kids, or just those around-the-house miscellaneous necessities, you can bet your bottom dollar that we’re finding it at Target. And fashion is no exception! Fall styles are in full swing, and we hit the stores toContinue reading “Target Fall Styles”

Fall Season Footwear

Fall is my all-time favorite season of the year, and where I live, the first sign of the incoming fall season is the whiffs of the local tomato factory just one mile away that gets me craving pizza or pasta…I’m salivating just thinking about the scent! I look forward to all of the fall thingsContinue reading “Fall Season Footwear”

Splurge vs Save – The Autumn Edition

Give us all the fall fashion! As much as we love saving money at F&T, we also love staying on trend. And it isn’t always easy to follow the season’s hottest styles without having to spend a little…that’s why we’re here to help. We’re back with our autumn edition of splurge vs. save so youContinue reading “Splurge vs Save – The Autumn Edition”