Halloween Goodies

halloween cupcakes on the table

The leaves are falling, the crisp air has arrived, and the season of goodies is upon us. October through December have multiple holiday events – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and more, so that means classroom parties, various events, and the creation of goody bags, baskets, and more! Since my youngest daughter’s birthday is in October, I was invited to read a themed book, bring in a snack, and hang out with the class, and I used the opportunity to create pumpkin-themed buckets for her whole class! See our Halloween goody bag inspiration below.

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My daughter turned five and is in Pre-K, so I kept it fun but still simple with a pumpkin theme: pumpkin buckets, themed cups, straws, glow sticks, and most importantly, snacks!

The snacks were fun – I found a lot of pumpkin-themed snacks like Entenmann’s pumpkin flavored muffins, gogo squeeze apple pumpkin spice applesauce pouches and decorative fun Skinny Pop popcorn bags.

I kept it pretty simple with Mott’s tots apple juice boxes, but I also ran across Swiss Miss pumpkin spice hot chocolate and just had to add it in. I read the book 10 Little Pumpkins, and the kids were super excited about their snack which was fresh fruit salad in waffle cone bowls topped with a dab of whipped cream – a healthy sundae!

Kristy is room mom for her daughter’s class this year, so of course she got right on her duties of helping to plan the first classroom party planned for October. She went straight to Target’s Hyde & EEK Bootique for plates, napkins, games and more goodies. She’s planning on serving slime punch in cauldrons and using festive food trays for snacks.

“You’ve been Boo’d” – yep that’s right, Kristy created Boo Bags for her kids’ classrooms! She took small clear gift bags and filled them with a bunch of fun little festive toys and a bunch of yummy goodies.

The options are virtually endless with what you can fill them with. Mini play-dohs, bubbles, the classic spider ring and themed pencils. I’m sure no matter what you come up with, the bags will end up being super spook-tacular! Happy Planning!

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