Road Tripping with Kids

Potty breaks, food/fuel stops, and keeping them entertained…the mere thought of hitting the road with kids (and in my case, 4 of them) may seem like such a daunting task, but I am here to assure you that it is possible and with some tips and tricks, road trips could actually be, dare I sayContinue reading “Road Tripping with Kids”

A Trip by the Sea

There’s nothing quite like the gentle touch of an ocean breeze, the tangy smell of salt in the air, and the warm kiss of sunshine on your face to help you feel well-rested and rejuvenated. And when you get to experience these things with the people you love, that makes it even more special. TheContinue reading “A Trip by the Sea”

Travel Essentials

Traveling the world and getting to see new places and experience new things is always a lot of fun, but prepping and packing can be stressful! Having a good idea of what you’ll need while you’re away will make your travels way more enjoyable and prevent last-minute scrambling. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, aContinue reading “Travel Essentials”

Make Your Disney Trip Magical

If you’re planning a trip to the most magical place on Earth, having some inside information is definitely helpful! A Disney trip with family and friends should be enjoyable and memorable, and taking the time to plan ahead is essential. We’re sharing some tips and tricks to help make your Disney vacation as stress-free asContinue reading “Make Your Disney Trip Magical”

Vacation Looks from Walmart

If you’ve had enough of the cold weather and the shorter days of sunlight, a tropical beach vacation may be just what you need. If your trip to paradise is already planned, it’s time to start figuring out what you’re going to wear! And if you’re still only dreaming of warmer weather, maybe these dreamyContinue reading “Vacation Looks from Walmart”

Holiday Deals on Luggage

If you’re planning on traveling this season for a family vacation, business, a girls’ trip, or a romantic weekend away and you’re in need of some new luggage, now is the time to take of advantage of these hot holiday deals on suitcases at Walmart! See some of the best deals below. This sleek 18″Continue reading “Holiday Deals on Luggage”

A Girlfriends’ Getaway

Everyone deserves a little rest and relaxation now and again, especially during the holiday season when things can be so chaotic and stressful. A quick weekend away does the body and mind wonders, and some quality time in a peaceful place with your loved ones is definitely worth the investment. The Frugal and Thriving teamContinue reading “A Girlfriends’ Getaway”

Weekend Getaways

Sometimes a little reset is much needed, and while taking a week vacation is definitely ideal, a weekend getaway can be just as refreshing. These six travel destinations are perfect spots for a quick trip, whether you’re going with the family, with your significant other, with the girls, or solo. Find which one speaks toContinue reading “Weekend Getaways”

Travel in Style

The excitement of going on a trip always begins with, “What am I going to wear to the airport??” – for me at least. I want to be comfortable yet look chic, in case I happen to run into my favorite celebrity and have an opportunity for a quick photo…am I the only one whoContinue reading “Travel in Style”

Take a Trip – You Deserve It

The past year has certainly been lacking in trips and family vacations for most of us. As we begin to return to some semblance of normalcy, we at Frugal and Thriving are certainly looking forward to booking that first weekend (or week) away! While some of us may still be in the “dreaming of paradise”Continue reading “Take a Trip – You Deserve It”