On-the-Go Essentials

If you live your life on the go, it’s important to be prepared with some essentials that will ensure you never get caught in a bind! Keeping your car packed with travel necessities will help you be prepared in any emergency (big or small) that you might encounter. From hand sanitizer and toilet seat covers to first aid kids and tire inflators, these on-the-go essentials have got you covered! See our roundup below.

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Organizing all of your on-the-go essentials will be a huge space and time saver. You’ll know where everything is and keeping it all tucked away neatly will make sure you have ample room for other things like groceries, suitcases and weekender bags (and these handy packing cubes) when you travel, and storage boxes for equipment for sporting games or beach trips (or snacks)! Use this convenient trunk organizer (here is a similar style) for all of your little necessities.

First aid is a must!! In a travel bag, keep this mini first aid kit that comes with all the basics like bandages, antiseptic wipes, safety pins, gauze tape, and more! You can also keep any extras in here like portable phone chargers, rechargeable handwarmers, or this personal safety duo!

Fill another travel case with your sanitation essentials! We’re talking hand sanitizer, flushable wipes and toilet seat covers, and port-a-potty cleaning chemicals.

Someone is always in need of a tissue, whether it’s a runny nose, teary eyes, or a small booboo, tissues make the world go ’round. This stylish tissue box not only brings a little flair, it also fits in your cupholder for added convenience! Don’t have enough cup holders? Use these gap fillers that give you a couple extra cupholders and some more storage space, too.

And for bigger messes or spills, these microfiber cleaning cloths are a lifesaver! They are washable and reusable, and creating less waste (and saving money) is always a win!

Instead of throwing all your little trash (used tissues or wipes, gum wrappers, food wrappers) on the floor or at the bottom of your bag, grab this mini trash can and keep the messiness to a minimum!

And a very smart tool to keep in any car is this Halo Bolt which is an air compressor, jump starter, and battery charger all in one, plus it has LED lights!!

Some other handy essentials you can keep in your car include:

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