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If you ask people where they spend the majority of their time in their home, most would probably say their kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home and the main hub where, really, all the action happens. From starting the morning with a cup of coffee or a healthy breakfast to ending the day with a nourishing family meal, the kitchen starts and ends our days and sets the stage for a lot of scenes throughout our day. Whether you’re gossiping with girls over an afternoon glass of wine or sharing a sweet dessert with your kiddos after sundown, having an organized kitchen makes all the difference in your day-to-day operations, and that’s no exaggeration. See our kitchen organization ideas below.

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If you start your day with a giant, delicious cup of coffee, having an organized and dedicated coffee station can help set the tone for your morning. Get yourself a nice coffee machine and milk frother, use this wooden riser to store your flavored syrups in pretty bottles, coffee pods, and stirring spoons, and start every day in your own mini cafe.

If you’ve got a family that you’re regularly cooking dinner for, chances are you end up with leftovers pretty regularly. Finding the right lid for the correct corresponding container in your jumbled Tupperware cabinet can honestly be the final straw of a really chaotic day. These drawer dividers will help take the stress out of saving the leftovers.

Use the dividers to organize your packed lunch supplies, too! From Bentgo boxes to mini Crockpots, these dividers will keep all of your on-the-go essentials in easy reach.

The worst thing is trying to find the utensil you need from the depths of your utensil drawer when you’re in the middle of cooking. With these drawer dividers you can quickly spot whichever tool you need and avoid a cooking crisis.

So. Many. Water bottles. If you’ve got a big family, then you know everyone wants their own water bottles and to-go tumblers. And one is never enough! You need different colors, pretty patterns, and all the sizes. Take your water bottle cabinet from a hectic mess to a fabulous haven of hydration with these organizers.

Opening your refrigerator and seeing clean, organized sustenance is, like, an incredible feeling. From a leftover pizza storage container to an egg organizer and see-through bins for everything else you can imagine, these refrigerator organization essentials will be life changing.

And for your drinks, these dispensers will make sure you never have to reach all the way to back to grab that last thirst-quenching beverage!

If you have a designated pull-out cabinet for your trash bin but you prefer using a motion sensor one or this just isn’t enough space for your garbage can, don’t let this cabinet go to waste! This hack with storage bins makes the most of this space by adding extra out-of-sight storage.

Cleaning supplies are a must, and it’s so easy for them to end up causing more of a mess when they’re shoved underneath your sink. These roll-out and stackable bins make cleaning supply storage a breeze.

The junk drawer always feels like a scary place to visit, but with the help of these drawer dividers, this will be your new favorite drawer! Keep all of your extra hardware and tools organized and easily available.

This extra towel bar is great for adding a splash of seasonal decor to your kitchen or for making sure you have plenty of extra dish towels within reach.

And if you’re looking to tackle your pantry, check out Kristy’s reorganization of her pantry here!

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