Pantry Reorganization with Easy Closets

Revamping and reorganizing any space can feel a little overwhelming, but it’s oh so satisfying once it’s done. And your kitchen pantry is one of those places in the house that just seems to accumulate clutter and detritus over the years. Opening that door and deciding to tackle a little DIY organization is definitely daunting, but we’ve got a solution for you! Easy Closets helps you transform your space with minimal time and effort. Kristy redid her kitchen pantry using an Easy Closets system and it was life changing! AND – right now you can get 10% off your order with our exclusive code KRISTY10 *valid through 11/21! See Kristy’s pantry transformation below.

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There’s nothing I love more than organization. With my pantry needing all the help it could get, I was desperate to find a simple, manageable solution without going broke. And then I stumbled across this Easy Closets system. The name says it all…it was EASY to put together! Going from the before (bottom) to the after (top) was actually a seamless process and only took me two days to complete!!

This is my pantry before…yikes. I started the redo by measuring my space. Once I submitted my measurements, Easy Closets put together a plan for my pantry (request a free design plan here)! They send you a specially tailored layout that you can then choose to love, modify, or switch out for a completely different plan! You can do this as many times as you want until you find the perfect layout for your space and your needs. The representatives at Easy Closets made the planning part painless for me and helped transform my space with ease! You can also browse their design gallery here. They design pantries, closets, laundry room and garage storage, and more!

Step one: clear out the pantry and take out the old shelving units. This was the worst part – ugh those wire racks. Make sure to take all trim off if you have it. This will allow the new shelves to lay flat on the wall when you install them!

With all of the old shelving out, it was time to install my new Easy Closets system!!

The installation was super simple and it didn’t take me long at all! I couldn’t believe how much of a difference it made to have separate shelves and cubbies. I was actually excited to reorganize and put everything away in its new place!

Look at all of that organization!! It’s so much cleaner and less cluttered. A neat freak’s dream come true!

I can see everything in my pantry with ease and know with just a glance what I need to stock up on or what I have enough of. This may not sound like a huge deal but knowing exactly what I need helps cut down on multiple weekly trips to the grocery store! And anything that can save a little time and make life a little easier is a huge blessing.

Even my paper products and cleaning supplies are neat and organized now! The pullout drawers are great for storing things like aluminum foil, parchment paper, and Ziploc bags, or items I don’t use every day like baking supplies and party goods.

And just like that I have a brand new, beautiful pantry. I seriously love just looking at it, and the fact that it was so easy to transform makes it that much more enjoyable!! No matter how big or small your space is, Easy Closets has you covered! 

**DON’T FORGET: Get 10% off your order with our exclusive code KRISTY10 valid through 11/21!

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