Big Kid Room Redo

Time is a thief for real – I can still vividly remember all of the details of the evening that my first daughter was born and now, seven short years later, she has moved into her big-kid room a few weeks shy of entering the second grade! I let her take the creative director roll and she decided the color scheme and theme and it turned out better than I could have imagined….and let’s just say that I wish that I had cool parents like me when I was growing up! See her big kid room redo below!

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We have a 4-bedroom home so originally she had her own nursery and toddler room, and when I was expecting my fourth baby, we purchased full-sized bunk beds from Pottery Barn Kids and moved our second daughter in with our oldest. It’s been two years of sharing a room and she’s getting more independent, so I started hinting around the idea of her having her own room again, and she was open to the idea towards the end of the school year. Then she started asking when she could move in, so I decided that my goal would be to have it completed and have her moved in before the new school year started.

I asked her to start thinking about her color scheme and that was easy – teal had become her new favorite color in the past six months replacing the longtime favorite, purple. Next, I had asked her to think about if she wanted a theme, and that was a bit trickier, but it soon came to her once we hit the stores.

First we went to At Home, and there it began! She found the perfect accent pillow to start off with…it was so soft and priced well. Then we grabbed some of the not-so-much-fun things like a mattress protector, pillows, two regular cooling sleeping pillows and two-pack pillows for the decorative sham covers.

Next we looked for bedding. Nothing really stood out until we saw the display and that was it. SOLD! Then we started to check out some of their decor, and then…the theme was born! She found a stuffed pig pillow and instantly it became a teal pig room! At first I was hesitant and couldn’t figure out how I was going to pull this one off – I even tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted, so pig it was. We headed into the wall decor isle and then we found the cutest canvas of a pig with glasses, and then I started to get excited about it all. The teal and pig pink colors could definitely work! We grabbed a couple other items and checked out.

We stopped in at a couple other stores, but didn’t really find what we were looking for. We grabbed some pink Pillowfort Sheets from Target and stopped in a Mattress Warehouse to shop for her new mattress. She got to do their bedMATCH quiz and diagnostic to match her up with the best mattress for her. She loved being able to use their system and picked out a great full-sized mattress that was easy on the pockets too! We ended up with a mattress in a box – the Simmons Blue Dream Memory Foam Mattress. The best part was they had one in stock for us to take home that day and it fit in my “mom van”!

We grabbed smoothies from our favorite smoothie place, Tropical Smoothie Cafe and headed over to Hobby Lobby – jackpot! We found all types of room decor and more, and then we came across the creme-de-la-creme of all pig decor! A huge canvas picture of the cutest pig you ever saw, and I was in love! It ended up being 75% off y’all! It was the easiest purchase of the day! We ended up with a whole cart full of items from HL and finally headed home!

Let’s start with the room re-do. First, I vacuumed and mopped the floors and baseboards and wiped down all of the dressers and windowsills. Since we had always purchased the convertible cribs for 3/4 kids, we transitioned the bed and switched out the decor, made the bed, and started transferring all of the personal items and clothing between the two rooms.

I ended up ordering ombre curtains and an accent rug off of Amazon, and I got the curtain rods from Wal-Mart. I found the vanity/desk off of Facebook Marketplace, brand-new, still in the box! It took a total of four days until we did her room reveal…she LOVED the end result. It was all smiles and she even gave it two thumbs up! If you’d like to see more of this room transformation, be sure to check out the video on Tik-Tok here!

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