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There’s not much that beats a day at the pool in your own backyard oasis. In-ground, above ground, Intex – no matter what kind of pool you have, you can never have enough pool floats, toys, and entertainment, and I’ve got the 4-1-1 on all of this summer’s pool essentials!

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This is a must-have, the versatility of being able to lay down or use in multiple ways. Kristy says she’s able to help her son learn how to swim all while relaxing on this water hammock.

Use in or out of the pool since they won’t clog your filter like regular water balloons can and don’t leave a mess around the yard. The fun doesn’t stop once out of the pool…these reusable water balloons are a hit -and they’re 30% off right now when you clip the digital coupon and use code HILIOPWR.

Waterproof playing cards for the lake, beach or poolside. Enjoy a friendly game of poker, solitaire, or war without worrying about getting the cards wet or ruined.

Water Barbies with pools and boats are always a hit – they’re great for imaginative play and sibling play if you’re like me and have three daughters. We like to pair our Barbies with our Ariel mermaid dolls, and don’t forget a water soaker!

My kids love these Banzai mermaids! They play in and out of the water with them, and they will let their two-year-old brother throw them in the pool for them to retrieve for him as a game. It promotes underwater swimming and imaginative play.

3/4 of my kids are swimmers now, but we have always used the puddle jumpers for our non-swimmers when we aren’t actively teaching them how to swim. It eases our mind to have this available and gives our kids a sense of safety and independence when around the pool area.

My kids enjoy using their kick boards for getting around the pool or just taking a minute to hang out and relax without having to kick kick kick. Kick boards really help with strengthening core and legs too. These mini split ring pool floats are also a hit – they are the perfect float for toddlers and bigger kids too.

Swim googles are a must as being able to open your eyes under water brings a whole new element of fun to swimming. These diving mask googles are a kid favorite. They are anti-fog and good for kids who are learning to swim and explore under water.

This watermelon ball is a group favorite! I am still waiting for mine to arrive, but this ball floats, sinks and rises so you’re able to play with it above and below the water. The ball is filled with water and air so it floats like a melon and plays like a ball for loads of fun.

This pool side basketball system brings a classic game of basketball to the pool, adding an element of fun to any pool day. Play H.O.R.S.E or P.I.G to keep it fun!

Diving toys are great for keeping the kids busy for hours of pool play, throwing, diving and collecting rings and sharks over and over again. Diving toys help with underwater swimming and motor skills.

This underwater seek and splash game is one for the whole family to participate in. This game comes with waterproof cards and gems. The gems are placed at the bottom of the pool, and you call out a sequence of gems to find and the first person to bring up all of the gems in the sequence gets a point – the first to 5 wins! Play over and over again!

Nothing gets more classic that a good ole’ super soaker water gun battle! Play in or out of the pool for a friendly game of water tag.

Safety is key, and if you have a multi depth pool, you’ll want to separate the deep end clearly so that your kids or guests know where the deep end begins. This floating pool rope helps clearly divide the pool from shallow to deep end.

I love fun and eye-catching pool floats! The imaginative play of being able to float above the water leads to lots of pool time fun. This unicorn float adds a bit of sparkle to the water, and floats like this are super popular.

Lastly, when you’re ready to wrap the day up, grab yourself a mesh bag to throw all of the toys in! This will allow them to fully dry before storing them inside or in a pool deck box. They come in all different sizes so you can customize to your amount/sizes of pool entertainment.

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