A-Z Summer Bucket List

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Summer break is here! If you’re in the thick of it and looking for some ideas to keep the kids busy, or for rainy day boredom busters, here’s a summer bucket list to help kids and parents survive the long dog days of summer! I’m covering every letter of the alphabet with a fun activity!

A – Amusement Park – Most states offer an amusement park of sorts, but if you happen to live in states like Alabama, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Wyoming or Utah, I’m sure visiting a fairground with amusement rides could suffice!

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B – Build A Sandcastle – Beach sand or backyard play sand, grab your buckets, shovels and building kits and get to it! Use seashells or other nature finds to decorate with paints or markers!

C – Camp out – Whether in the backyard or at a campsite, camping can be quite an adventure, so grab your sleeping bag and tent and make memories!

D – Drive-In Movie – An oldie but still goodie, grab some snacks and drinks and catch a double feature flick!

E – Experiment – Science is cool! Scoop up an experiment kit or grab some ingredients for some fun!

F – Flash Lights in the Dark – There is a lot we miss out on after the sun goes down, so grab those flashlights and head out on a nighttime adventure!

G – Game Day/Night – Perfect for a rainy summer day/night…everyone grab their favorite game and play away!

H – Hike – Find a local spot, grab your comfy shoes, water bottle and snack, and check out some new terrain!

I – Ice-Cream – I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream! Check out a new ice cream parlor or create an ice cream sundae station at home!

J – Jigsaw Puzzle – I love a good puzzle! Pick out a new puzzle and get the whole family involved! Another rainy day fav!

K – Kite Flying – Whether in the backyard, local park or on the beach, send it soaring up to the highest height! Anyone else humming the Mary Poppins kite song?!

L – Lemonade Stand – Fresh squeezed or mix, there’s nothing quite like a good old fashioned summer lemonade stand! Have the kids choose a local charity to donate a portion of the proceeds to if they wish!

M – Museum – Kids, Art, History…there are a lot to choose from, and summer learning can be fun!

N – Night-time Activity – How about visiting an observatory at night?? Wish upon a shooting star if you’re lucky enough!

OObstacle Course – Create a course in your yard and have timed races!

P – Plant a garden – Flower, herb, veggie…don’t be afraid to get those hands a little dirty…and enjoy the rewards!

Q – Quick Trip (Day trip to somewhere new) – North to south, east to west…I’m sure there are adventures to be had at some hidden gem in your state!

R – Road Trip – It doesn’t have to be a cross-country trek, just a couple-day getaway driven in your family vehicle or RV!

SS’mores – Stock up on those chocolate bars, graham crackers and marshmallows – there’s always room for s’more!

T – Tourist Attraction – Every state has tourist attractions, and I bet there’s one that you’ve never seen or explored before, so go check it out!

U – “U”-Pick Farm Day – Check out a local farm to pick some berries to either eat, freeze for later or bake a pie or muffins with!

V – Visit a new playground – Check out a new playground that you have never been to before, whether it’s outdoor or indoor.

W – Water Park – Visit a local water park for a whole day, or if there isn’t one in your driving range, then make it a water day!

X – “X” Marks the Spot Scavenger Hunt – Create a course and a map with clues. Get creative and they’ll have an amazing time searching for whatever you deem the prize to be!

Y – “YES Day” – Let the kids plan a whole day of activities, with rules and limitations – all you have to do is say “Yes!” I actually have been wanting to plan a yes day for my clan, and they’re still pretty young so I feel like how bad could it get?!

Z – Zoo trip – Plan a day trip to a local or new zoo that you’ve never been to before! Pack a lunch and explore the wild in a safe environment!

How many can you cross off before the end of the summer?!

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