Summer Footwear

black and white adidas slide sandals on brown sand

Summer is time to set the piggy toes free and let them babies breathe…most of the year they are covered up by socks, closed-toed shoes, boots and more. I personally love to go barefoot as much as I can and so do my kids, but the hubby…not so much! I very much prefer summer footwear – flip flops, sandals – over everything else, and I like to keep it mostly simple with a touch of style so I’m here with my favorite summer footwear trends for you!

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Cloud Slides – Is there anything more heavenly sounding than feeling like you’re walking on clouds?! There are many variations of these sandals, but nevertheless, they are supposed to relieve foot pain, discomfort and joint pain. Somehow they relax and decompress your feet with every step that you take. Waterproof, non-slip and non-blistering are other perks of these sandals. At first glance, I wasn’t impressed, but I have to say that they have grown on me and there are lots of colors to choose from.

Havaianas – I was once gifted a pair for my birthday and they are the only flip-flop type sandal that has stood the time test, and they are still around to this day! They appear to be thin, but you’ll feel a weight to them, and they are actually very nice to walk in, even for longer distances! The pair I still have are around 13 years old. They are a slimmer sandal and I do have more of a wide fit, especially after four kids, but I still highly recommend them!

Wedge Heel/Sandal – I have always been a wedge heel kinda gal – at 5’3″ a little extra height is nice, especially for date nights with my 6’4″ hubby! They are a more comfortable option in the footwear realm. You can have a nice mix of casual cork heel and dressy with a mule heel, plus you can choose from backless or strapped options.

Gladiator Sandal – There are so many variations of this mostly flat sandal, and I have been a fan of them for years! These pair nicely with a romper, summer dress for a dressy look, or classic shorts/shirt combo for a more casual look.

Square-Toed Heel – Heels are pretty universal and can be worn during most seasons. Round/almond/pointed toes used to be all the rage, but now the square-toed heel is what’s in. Instead of all of the tootsies being squished together, they can breathe, and this sandal gives a more uniform look so you can really show off that polished pedicure! I love the way the square toe gives dimension and an overall fresh look to an outfit.

Birkenstock Sandals – Birks are comfortable with their cork bottoms, and they’re an easy slip-on sandal to run errands, head to the park with the kids, or enjoy casual day dates or vacation spots. There are waterproof ones, oiled leather, suede, strapped and thong styles.

So what are you waiting for?? Make that pedi appointment and show off those summer footwear looks!

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