Elf on the Shelf 2022

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The holiday season is swiftly approaching and for those of you who are familiar with the tradition of Elf of the Shelf, you know it can be stressful coming up with creative new ideas for Santa’s naughty little helper. Luckily we’ve got some inspiration for you! See our roundup of Elf on the Shelf ideas below!

Welcome Back

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Look who is back and ready for a holiday season full of shenanigans! At least he was nice enough to leave a welcome letter!

Sliding into Trouble

Photo credit: Diana Long

This impish little elf is ready to slide his way right into some trouble!! What antics will he get up to this year?! Time will tell.

To Infinity and Beyond

Buzz Lightyear to the rescue! Our feisty friend looks like he got caught in the middle of making mischief…Kristy’s kids thought this one was hilarious!


Elsa and Anna may be off in their winter wonderland, but Elf on the Shelf is more than happy to help you build a snowman!

Around the Campfire

Photo credit: Nitza Rodriguez

Grab the s’mores supplies and get to roasting! Your elf is all ready for a campfire sing-along with this Christmas camping scene!

Lunchtime Surprise

Photo credit: Courtney Leigh Downey

Who doesn’t love a little lunchtime surprise?! Courtney says: “My daughter’s favorite every year is when the elf packs her lunch, every item is wrapped in wrapping paper!”

Potty Training

Photo credit: Shari Dillon

Looks like someone learned how to use the potty!! Shari says: “This is my daughters naughty elf MERRY. She is always into mischief. Thank goodness the little hooligan doesn’t show up until December 1st.”

Off to School

Photo credit: Polincia Ma

Wishing you a wonderful day at school!! Hopefully he won’t stir up too much mayhem while you’re gone…

Breakfast Break

Photo credit: Missy Vas-Tindall

Someone worked up an appetite! Missy says: “Our Elf, Georgia, hangs out in our elementary school kitchen/cafeteria. Today she knew the students were having mini French toast bites and beat them to it.”

Gone Fishin’

Photo credit: Melissa Baroni Fiaccone

There’s nothing like an afternoon of fishing to pass the time…wonder what he’ll catch!

Shrink Wrap Shenanigans

Photo credit: Melissa Baroni Fiaccone

Andddd that’s a wrap! Check out our Facebook group for more inspiration all season long, and see our post from last year with over 40 Elf on the Shelf ideas!!

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