Halloween Goody Bags

Trick or treat!! Halloween is right around the corner and we’re counting down the days until we can stuff our faces with candy guilt-free. Well, maybe not guilt-free, but we can certainly justify it. These DIY Halloween goody bags are perfect for your kiddo’s classroom or handing out to the neighborhood kids…just make sure you keep a couple for yourself! See our Halloween goody bag ideas below.

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Line up your bags and get ready to get stuffing! These paper bags have all different Halloween-themed patterns and are perfect for fitting all of your goodies.

An assortment of candy, snacks, and toys will keep everyone happy! For food, KitKats, Ring Pops, Fun Dip, a mix of chocolates, mini cookies, and pretzels are all great options. Then add stamps, slap bracelets, light-up rings, and fun erasers (or check out these party favors) and you’ve got yourself the perfect goody bag.

Once your bags are all filled, seal them up and get ready to hand them out! Whether they’re heading to the classroom for the Halloween parade or to the front porch for trick-or-treating, these goody bags will be the talk of the town!

And for a little neighborhood fun, these Boo Buckets help get everyone in on the action!! These are a cute gift you can leave for your neighbors to let them know they’ve been “booed”!!

Grab a pumpkin bucket (here’s orange and teal) and fill it with more of your Halloween goodies, then print out one of our free “Booed” printables and pay your neighbors a little visit – ring the bell or knock and get ready to DASH FOR IT!!

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