Winter Must-Have Items in Our Bags

brown leather crossbody bag with white framed sunglasses

After you’ve set your new year resolutions, refreshed your home, and updated your wardrobe, it’s time to clean out and organize your bag! Get rid of all the detritus that’s left over from last year and stock up with a few cold weather essentials that you’ll want to have on hand all the time. We love nourishing, practical items that make tackling the winter season a breeze. See our winter must-haves items in our bags below.

This soothing lip mask softens and smooths lips for a visibly plump pout. Put a little on right before bed and let it soak in overnight or apply any time lips are feeling extra dry. Kristy loves this mask and uses it on the reg for a glossy, shimmering look that lasts all day long.

The brutally cold winter temps are no match for this nourishing lip balm! I’m a lip balm fiend and Burt’s Bees is the only balm that actually keeps my lips hydrated and protected from the elements. I literally never leave my house without it.

Keep those hands baby soft this winter! Dry, cracked skin is a thing of the past with this MoroccanOil hand cream. Kristy loves that the formula is ultra-nourishing and moisturizing yet lightweight and non-greasy, plus the signature MoroccanOil warm floral scent is ahhhh-mazing!!

I’m obsessed with this award-winning vitamin C rose oil that keeps my skin hydrated and glowing! It’s perfect for windburned cheeks or for spot treating extra dry areas of skin throughout the day. It’s lightweight and smells delicious…it’s a life (well, definitely a skin) saver and I keep this mini-sized bottle in my bag at all times!! Bonus: rub a little bit on your cuticles to keep them super soft and healthy all winter long.

Cold weather = germs. Between regular cold & flu season, plus the addition of the coronavirus, hand sanitizer is a hot commodity! After grocery shopping and running errands, playdates with the kids from school, or a night out with your significant other, keep the germs at bay with a little squeeze of sanitizer. Kristy’s favorites are the mini sanitizers from Bath & Body Works, and the convenient carrying case makes it easy to hook on your keychain or bag strap.

Sunscreen is NOT just for summer! It’s so important to protect your skin from the sun during every season, and this Aveeno sunscreen for the face is super absorbent and hydrating so my skin doesn’t feel greasy and my pores don’t get clogged.

A travel-sized perfume is perfect for freshening up during the day. Spritz a little on after work before meeting the girls for happy hour, heading to the school to watch your kids’ musical performance, or getting ready for that hot date you’ve been looking forward to all week. This Capri Blue perfume is one of Kristy’s favorites and the tropical, sugary scent is perfect for dreaming of warmer days!

Another item that makes us think of summer but is 100% necessary for winter: sunglasses. If you live in a snowy climate, you know how harsh that sun glaring off the bright white snow can be! Throw on a pair of stylish shades to protect your eyes and instantly add flair to your outerwear. I’ve had this pair for years and they are my go-to when I want to feel extra fierce.

Frostbitten fingers? Nah, not a chance with these super soft and practical winter gloves!! Made with touchscreen technology, you never have to worry about removing them to answer that phone call, important email, or funny text. Kristy practically lives in these during the cold weather, and they look great with any outfit!

Thanks for reading! What are some winter must-have items you keep in your bag? Let us know xo.

  1. Cherryl says:

    I can vouch for that Bees Wax lip balm, it’s very good as a base.😊

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