National Watermelon Day

The bright pink flesh of a ripe watermelon dotted with little black seeds and encased with a vibrant green rind is a renowned symbol of summer. Its juicy sweet deliciousness is a refreshingly cool treat on a hot afternoon, and this simple summer fruit is as versatile as it is appetizing. Eat it alone or in a salad, blend it in a beverage, or use its sugary fragrance to bring the scent of summer wherever you are. It’s National Watermelon Day and we’re celebrating our love for watermelon with these wonderful and whimsical items below.


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These cute watermelon charm bracelets are dainty and delicate, and make the perfect summer accessory. Grab one in both colors and gift to your BFF for an adorable emblem of your friendship.

Carry All Pouch

Watermelons and beach bikes make the perfect summer combo! Use this carry all pouch for toiletries, a makeshift clutch, or as a place to keep all of your favorite watermelon accessories.

Cooler Bag

Keep your watermelon snacks and beverages chilled with this cooler bag. Great for taking refreshments to the beach or the pool, the insulated bag will allow you to enjoy your cold summer treats all day long.

Crossbody Bag

Add some sweetness to your summer style with this watermelon crossbody bag. Pair it with jean shorts and a white tee for a fun yet fashionable vibe.

Short Sleeve Tee

If a purse isn’t enough watermelon for you, this tee is an optimal way to show your obsession. Wear it with heels for an elegant ensemble or flip flops for a laidback look.

Body Mist

This limited edition fragrance mist is irresistibly cool with hints of sugared watermelon and strawberry leaves. Spritz a little on for a sweet scent that’s long-lasting and luxurious.


Light up this juicy watermelon candle and sit back as your entire home is infused with the cool, refreshing fragrance of a freshly cut watermelon.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Plump up fine strands with this watermelon extract shampoo and conditioner. The nourishing duo will leave you wondering whether your hair smells more delicious or looks more luscious…hint – it’s a tie.

Sleep Mask

This hydrating nightly sleep mask gently exfoliates with the use of AHAs for a glowing, radiant complexion. Use every evening for a brighter skin tone and smoother feeling skin.

Coffee Mug

Make your morning cup of coffee the cutest part of your day with this little lady watermelon mug. Or, gift one to an adored friend to remind them how much you enjoy them.

Iced Tea Pouches

A cold, refreshing glass of watermelon iced tea with a hint of mint is the perfect pick-me-up on a hot afternoon. For an adult-friendly beverage, add a splash of liquor and really get your relaxation on.


How darling are these made-to-order French macarons?! Tasty treats for tea parties, summer picnics, and birthday celebrations, these come in various sized packs…but we recommend ordering a few extra to keep some for yourself.

Sour Patch Kids Candy

First they’re sour, then they’re sweet. The entire time they’re delicious. These chewy candies put a fruity spin on the traditional Sour Patch Kids. Warning: you’re going to want to eat the whole bag.

Thanks for reading! Which of these watermelon items are making your mouth water??

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