Off to College

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Ah, the kids are growing up and now they’re off to college! If it’s your child’s first year away at school, making sure you have all the dorm room essentials can be stressful and expensive. Amazon has everything you need to make your collegiate kiddo’s dorm room feel like a home away from home though, without having to spend their entire college tuition fund. See some of our picks below.

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Comforter Set | Sheet Set | Storage Bag Organizers | Closet Organizer | Desk Organizer | Drawer Organizers | Towel Set | Lap Laptop Desk | Space-Saving Hangers | Portable Shower Caddy | First Aid Kid | Laundry Detergent Kit | Laundry Hamper

A simple way to add a little unique style to a bland dorm room is with bedding. These sheets and this comforter set bring some flair and personality to the accommodations. If you’ve ever lived in, or even just spent time in a college dorm room, you know they aren’t very expansive. Additional storage and organization options are key to making the most of a small space. These storage bag organizers, this closet organizer, and these space-saving hangers are great options for maximizing space. This desk organizer and these drawer organizers can help keep odds and ends in order and out of the way. Plus, this lap laptop desk is awesome to use as a workspace if a full desk area isn’t available. With communal bathrooms being common in dorm buildings, a good personal towel set and portable shower caddy for easy transportation of toiletries are both must-haves. And laundry won’t be such a hassle with this hamper/laundry bag combo and laundry detergent kit. Finally, because we are all aware that minor bumps and bruises are a part of the experience, a first aid kid is an essential for any dorm room.

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