International Day of Yoga

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Happy International Day of Yoga, everyone! As determined by the United Nations, this year’s theme is Yoga for Wellbeing, focusing on how a regular yoga practice can support physical and mental health for all. Yoga is a beautiful practice that can unite all of us in some small way. If you’re a seasoned yogi, or if you’re a curious beginner, we’ve compiled a roundup of everything you may find helpful during a typical yoga sesh. Namaste.

Yoga Apparel

Comfy, flexible clothing is a must! Your body is going to be moving, expanding, contracting, and resting throughout your yoga session. You definitely want to be wearing clothes that move along with you and don’t require tons of adjusting. These items below from Adidas and Reebok are some awesome options.

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Yoga Accessories

Props are the BEST part of yoga (IMHO). Even after practicing yoga for years, I always have props with me during my daily flows. While helpful, they certainly aren’t required, and a lot of these props can be substituted for at-home items. But if you want to build a go-to collection of yoga accessories, these are some of the items you’ll probably find yourself using on the reg.

Yoga Wheel | Yoga Mat | Yoga Towel | Yoga Straps | Massage Ball | Carrying Bag | Yoga Blocks | Yoga Bolster | Yoga Mat Cleaner | All Yoga Accessory Sets

Thanks for reading! Let us know what products you find essential when you get flowing xo.

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