End-of-Year Celebrations

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Another school year has come and gone, and we’re ready to fully enjoy a summer of sunshine, swimming, and serious relaxation. It’s a much-needed break for the kids and parents alike! Kristy had a fun-filled end of the school year, and as room mom extraordinaire (along with a couple other really amazing room moms), she helped make sure the classroom finished the year with a lineup of awesome parties and celebrations. Whether you’re taking on classroom duties next year or you need some inspiration for exciting summer activities, these end-of-year celebration ideas can be used for any occasion! See our roundup below.

Picnic Day

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Grab your picnic baskets and blankets, because it is picnic day!! From the animal explorer hats to the teddy bear-themed snacks, this is the most adorable picnic you ever will see.

Field Day

Field day is a must for the end of the school year! Whether you go team tie dye or split up with solid colors, the options for showing your team spirit are endless. Grab all the sports essentials like water bottles, wrist and headbands, sunglasses, and of course, plenty of snacks!

Camping Day

Classroom camping for the win! Have a camping day with s’mores, “lake water” drinks, spooky stories around the campfire, and lots of team-building activities!

Disney Day

Bring Disney to the classroom with a Disney day! From Mickey Mouse ice cream bars to decorate-your-own-ears, the kids can transport to the most magical place on earth without ever leaving home.

Bubble Day

Plan a bubblicious bubble day with lots of bubbly snacks and activities!! Armed with bubble wands, bubble gum, and bubbly juice, the kids will have a blast with this one.

Glow Dance Party

Glow, baby, glow! Take it back to the 80s with a glow dance party! Grab your glowsticks and glow-in-the-dark stickers and get ready for a few rounds of light-up bowling followed by the ultimate dance off.

Lemonade Day

Nothing says summer like a glass of slightly sweet, slightly tangy lemonade. Make lemonade day a study in statistics and science with a little experiment! Brew up a few different flavors and let the kids taste-test and vote for their favorite. Don’t forget the lemonade-inspired snacks!!

End of Year Gifts

When you have a classroom full of the best kids, you definitely want to cherish the memories and bonds that you created. And a great way to show your appreciation for the students is with a summer-themed gift that they can enjoy over the next few months!! Stuff some mesh beach bags with snacks, toys, and summer essentials, and let the kids know just how special they are.

And of course, we can’t forget about the classroom leaders that made it all possible. These end-of-year gifts for teachers are a small way to show your thanks for all of their hard work!! Grab a summer-inspired drink dispenser and fill it with a mix of self-care essentials, sunny day necessities, and sweet treats for the perfect summer send off.

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