Baseball Birthday Party Ideas

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A themed birthday party is the perfect way to celebrate your child by giving them a day full of the things they love the most! Finding just the right decor, snacks, activities can feel overwhelming, but Kristy is an expert party planner and has all the best tips and tricks. She threw this baseball-themed party for her son’s fifth birthday and she knocked it out of the park! Check out her party ideas below.

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First up, snacks! This concessions stand is the perfect way to keep all the best baseball game favorites in one place. From popcorn to sunflower seeds to cotton candy, this snack table covered all the bases!

Is it a baseball party without Dippin’ Dots?? I absolutely looked into getting the real thing but it was about $200 to ship!! I love my son but notttttt that much…thank goodness for Walmart! I found these alternatives that are almost like the real thing – they were so good!

I even made this cute sign that I attached to the ice cream cooler and paired with these plastic helmet bowls!

These pretzels from Philly Pretzel Factory were a homerun! I grabbed 50 for $30 and got a few different sauces on the side for dipping:

  • Brownie Batter
  • Buttercream (kids’ favorite)
  • Nacho Cheese
  • Mustard 
  • Cinnamon (my favorite)

Game day wouldn’t be complete without the candy! The kids loved being able to grab a couple of their favorite sugary treats throughout the party, and these fun decorative signs kept the theme going throughout.

And of course, a baseball cake with a baseball candle! We did half vanilla/half chocolate and my local ShopRite bakery made it. Also, would you believe me if I told you that when I cut the cake, I literally cut it perfectly down the middle splitting the two flavors…not a crumb of flavors mixed. I couldn’t do that again if I tried! It’s the little things in life, right??

Obviously we needed a few activities to keep the hopped-up-on-sugar kiddos occupied, so I made this baseball scavenger hunt and printed images on cardstock (if you have more time than I did, you can laminate them and reuse)! The kids had a blast! I hid the pieces all over the backyard and they had to find all of the objects before they could redeem a prize – I went to the dollar store and grabbed a bunch of dollar gifts so I’d have enough for everyone.

This cardboard pop-up playhouse was a hit! The kids colored on it all day in between games and food!

An no birthday celebration is complete without the perfect party outfit!! I found this jersey-style top and this adorable headband adorned with baseball-themed charms, and paired them with a pair of jeans and simple sneakers for a sporty chic look!

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