Easter Goodies

multiracial girls on floor with plastic eggs on easter day

Everyone knows the best parts of Easter are the candy, the egg hunts, and the cute animal-inspired celebrations (bunnies and baby chicks, don’t deny the adorableness). If you are planning on throwing a classroom party for your kiddos – or even just a fun celebration at home – you’re going to want to see these Easter treat ideas! Kristy planned some really creative festivities for her daughter’s class…see her ideas below.

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These little treat jars are an adorable way to make a tasty nest for your Peeps! Filled with edible grass and jelly beans, topped with a Peep, and finished off with a pretty sticker, these snacks are perfect for the classroom.

How fun is this green apple-flavored edible grass?? With just the lightest bit of flavor, this is a really creative way to make nests, grass-filled baskets, and more! The grass easily dissolves in your mouth which the kids will love.

If you have kids with allergies in your class, you might want to opt for the (slightly more expensive) allergen-free jelly beans and chocolate candies. If you don’t have to worry about that, M&Ms, Cadbury milk eggs, and any type of jelly bean would work! 

These carrot bags are adorable!! Stuff some bags with Cheetos and close off with a green ribbon, and you’ve got your very own Easter treat! This is probably a much-preferred version of carrots for the kids.

For some actual healthy snacks, these fruit skewers topped with Peeps are delicious and nutritious, AND they’re almost to beautiful to eat!!

Egg hunt time! Grab some plastic eggs and fill them with Easter-themed goodies like stamps and mini crayons.

And of course, don’t forget the candy! Throw in a couple chocolate rabbits and Peeps lollipop rings for a sweet surprise.

These burlap bunny bags though!! SO stinkin’ cute!

Fill your burlap bunnies with bubbles, scented dough, puzzles, erasers, scented glue sticks, scented pensscented markers, and candy lip balm!

When all is said and done, the kiddos will be heading home with tummies full of yummy treats, a basket full of fun goodies, heads full of uplifting memories, and hearts full of warm fuzzy feelings.

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