Houseplant Appreciation Day

Happy Houseplant Appreciation Day! Whether you are a longtime plant parent, or you’re just looking for simple ways to bring a little liveliness into your home, keeping plants can be such a rewarding experience! Taking care of them and watching them grow is a great way to feel connected to nature, purify your home, and stay grounded. See some of our favorite indoor plants below!

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I love my fiddle leaf fig, and these guys can get really big! Unfortunately I had a little trouble with it when I first got it, so it lost a lot of its bottom leaves in the first few months. I’ve had this one for a little over a year now though, and it is going strong! It’s pretty easy to care for once you get it settled…I water it once a week and give it lots of love daily.

This red Chinese evergreen adds some fun color to your normal green foliage. This one can also grow pretty big, but I keep it in a medium-sized pot to help maintain its size. I also water this once a week, unless its looking a little droopy and dry and then I’ll give a little splash of water in-between regular waterings.

Aloe plants are super low maintenance! They also have healing properties which make them that much more special. While I haven’t used the aloe gel inside the leaves for any ailments, these guys are great to have around the house simply for their unique spiky growth patterns! I water these once every other week or so – they don’t need a lot of water.

While succulents don’t need a lot of care or attention, they can actually be a little difficult to take care of because most people want to over nurture (me, I’m guilty). Succulents were some of the first plants I ever tried to keep, years ago, and I ended up killing them all because I was overwatering. I have learned my lesson though, and now I give my succulents the littlest bit of water about once a month!

The golden pathos plant is one of my favorites – it’s SO easy to care for and it looks elegant! I love the way the tendrils grow long, and this is a really simple plant to propagate. I take cuttings often, and I always grow the cuttings right in water. I find this is the easiest way to do it, and they make nice additions in kitchens or bathrooms where you may not want to keep a plant in soil. The one I do have planted in soil I water once a week…the ones I keep in water I refresh every couple of weeks.

The OG snake plant!! This was the first guy I got when I started my second plant journey (after all the failed succulents) and he has grown so much since I first had him!! Snake plants are also really resilient and easy to care for, and also another one that’s easy to propagate. The cuttings can grow right in water as well, and they’re fun to watch because you get to see the pups (new leaves) as they begin to blossom! These are great to give as gifts too – give the cutting with a pretty jar or vase and it’s a simple and cheap housewarming or birthday gift. I water my snake plant once a week and refresh the cuttings in water every other week.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Don’t overwater! When in doubt, water less. It’s easy to give a plant more water, but if you water too often and your plant gets root rot, there’s no coming back from that. You’ll get a feel for how often you should water once you’ve had your plants for a while, but I always recommend starting out with less watering than you think.
  • Use room temperature water – extreme water temperatures (too hot or too cold) can shock a plants roots and prevent growth. Room temperature water is the best way to promote healthy growth!
  • Talk to your plants! Yes, I know it sounds crazy, but plants are living creatures! Talking to them actually helps them grow – my plants all have names and I talk to them every day. I make sure they know how appreciated they are for bringing clean air and cozy vibes to my home.
  • Be patient. Being a plant parent takes practice, and you might lose a few along the way. But don’t get discouraged…once you have a thriving jungle, it will all be worth it!

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