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Whether it’s your first time sending a child (more like full-grown adult, right??) off to college or you’re a seasoned pro, those few weeks before the final farewells of summer can be overwhelming with all of the packing and planning! College housing options can vary greatly, from an on-campus dorm room to an off-campus apartment, but the living essentials remain the same! Get your kiddo ready for collegiate life and the exciting year ahead with these college essentials from Target.

Bed & Bath

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Every bed needs a soft set of sheets to make it nice and comfy! These sheet sets range from plain to patterned so you can easily show off your personal style – how funny are the banana sheets?!

These bed pillows are so cozy! Add a touch of comfort to any bed with a big furry throw pillow or a lounger pillow…instant luxury.

Towels are a must! Grab a set with bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths so you have the basics. Then add a few more bath towels so you’re all stocked up! We all know laundry isn’t exactly top priority during those college years.

And since most dorm bathrooms are shared, a bath caddy, towel wrap, shower cap, and towel twisters can definitely come in handy!!

Storage & Organization

Storage and organization is extremely important, especially in small spaces. These wire and woven storage baskets are stylish AND functional!

These plastic bins are more user-friendly, but still look great in any bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or living area! They vary in size so you can use them for just about anything!

Fabric bins are also a great option, especially if you don’t have a lot of room when packing. Fold these babies up during transport then pop them open and stuff them full once you’re moved in! Cube organizers are a great place to keep your fabric bins, and they can serve as pseudo dressers or even be used for kitchen storage.

And if your small space has enough room, this bookshelf is a great way to make your place feel home-y! Fill it with books, plants, photos…whatever your heart desires!


There’s nothing quite like cuddling up under a snuggly blanket to make everything feel okay! Whether you’re watching movies and relaxing on a lazy Sunday or posted up in bed hitting the books, a warm, plush throw blanket is a must.

And to accompany your comfy blanket, an equally comfy throw pillow to lounge on. These large pillows are simple, but an instant favorite!

Add a little life to your space with these artificial plants. They bring brightness and personality to a home without the stress of needing a green thumb!

These letter boards are so fun! Use them to sprinkle inspiration around your space, give yourself important reminders, or leave silly messages for your roomies!


Forget the fine china – save that for holidays at home. These plastic plates, cups, and bowls are easy breezy beautiful! Pick your favorite color – or mix and match – and stock up on your dishware!

Now we’re getting fancy! Breakfast sandwich and a fresh coffee, anyone? How about some waffles? If you’ve got the room, this sandwich maker, waffle maker, and mini Keurig will save a lot of time and money!


Cleaning may not be on the list of favorite pastimes, but it’s a necessity! Grab a mop and broom and keep it simple. A good sweep followed by a quick floor cleanse with hot water and soap goes a long way! If you’re really feeling crazy, grab a duster too and give those cobwebs a regular cleanout.

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