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Phew! Prime Day 2023 was crazy y’all! I’ve participated in past Prime Days solely as a customer of course, but this was my first experience as an F&T team member posting the deals, and it was on-another-level exciting! I found so many great deals for everyone else…and for myself *gasp*…so much so that my hubby said that I’m not allowed to work Prime Day next year…he’s so funny! Our whole F&T gang grabbed some great deals and we thought we would share them with you!

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FaithNinja Coffee Maker – I had been looking for a new coffee maker for a while. I had my old one for about three years and while it always got the job done, I really wanted a machine I could program to ‘delay brew‘ so my coffee was ready and waiting the moment I wake up. I’m one of those people that needs caffeine to survive – it’s not a “don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee” it’s more like “I’m not a human until I’ve had my coffee.” When I saw this Ninja coffee maker on deal for Prime Day I had to grab it…the gorgeous copper and black match a lot of my other kitchen accessories and I couldn’t pass it up!! I’m really impressed with the quality of this coffee maker and the delicious coffee it brews for me. I highly recommend! French Press – I wasn’t kidding about the caffeine thing. I’ve never had a french press coffee maker before but it always seemed so fun and fancy to me! Since I was already buying a new coffee machine, I figured why not go all out and complete the collection with this adorable little guy! I wasn’t sure how I’d like using this since it’s a more intricate brewing process, but my goodness do I love it!! The coffee is outstanding and taking the time to brew the perfect cup really helps me slow down and appreciate the process! I love using this as a special treat on the weekends or even for an afternoon pick-me-up!

Jes – I’ll tell you that I did not have a wish list going into Prime Day – I was consumed with the excitement of finding and posting the deals and somehow I got wrapped up in a whirlwind of adding things to my own cart. By the end, I couldn’t even tell you what I had ordered, and it was like a surprise every time a package arrived haha! I ended up shopping for our pool, the house, the kids and a dash for myself! The snorkel googles were a must – my girls love swimming under water now, and they prefer the mask type over the regular one that just cover the eyes. The Aqua Water Hammock was for me and my hubby. The kids pretty much take over everything, so I wanted something for us to lounge on, and I love how many ways it can be used! The collapsible buckets have been sitting in my ‘save for later’ part of my Amazon cart for a looooong time, and I finally got a deal on Prime Day that I couldn’t pass up on. We will use them on our family vacay at the end of the month and I love the space saving feature! I had been posting all types of electric spin scrubbers, debating with myself and just going back and forth, so of course I couldn’t fight it anymore and snagged a great deal on one! Cupshe had a great Prime Deal on bathing suits, and I am always a solid black or black/white bathing suit gal, and I thought “let me add a bit of color this season.” They’ve always had great reviews so I finally snagged a one piece with tummy control suit and will debut it during vacay! Ohh…the favorite chenille style bags! I finally caved…I had intentions of grabbing all the options, but I was a bit late and most were out of stock, but I was able to snag two of them and can’t wait to utilize them on vacay and other outings! Sun Bum Kids products also had great deals, so I grabbed a couple things I knew we could use for the kiddos on our pool and beach days. Kristy’s photo of her eyelashes using the essence false lash effect mascara sold me, so I grabbed that, the primer, eye-makeup remover and two other water-proof mascaras as they are in my top 3 go-to beauty must-haves! Lastly, I am constantly doing the kids hair, and with three daughters, it’s never-ending! Kristy had raved about Hoyols elastic hair bands so I grabbed both the clear and colorful ones which will come in handy for all of the theme-days their school has all year! *Not pictured because they haven’t arrived yet are the Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy Vitamins that I’ve been wanting to try out and mesh bags that we needed for our pool accessories and other things.

Krista – Nintendo Switch accessories were on her radar…additional controllers were needed so that they could play together as a family. Krista is old school and needed to feel the controller like back in the day iykyk, so she snagged a deal on holder cases for the switch controllers too. A good quality carpet cleaner was on her wish list too, and there was a Prime deal that she couldn’t resist. She is impressed with this particular one – she says that “it has a brain of its own and heats up and goes more powerful when it reads a dirty spot.” Last but not least, it’s the famous Essence Mascara again! Krista said, “Kristy’s pics made me want to try it and I like it!”

Kristy – I’ve had my eye on this ottoman for some time now and wanted a space I could kick my feet up or set down my laptop while I’m working in my planner. It’s perfect and both my kids fit on it! This diamond painting kit was the #1 purchase of Prime Day! I had grabbed it to take time out of my day to relax my mind away from social media! I’m told this was going to be an addiction! Lip sleep masks are a true obsession of mine – I cannot go to bed or wake up without throwing it on, especially after exfoliating. It’s a summer routine must have! I’ve been using this brow pencil for over 7 years now! I ran out and was fortunate enough to have this on Prime deal! If you’ve been in our group for a while, then you know my obsession with charcuterie boards – I’m ready to take my game to the next level with this charcuterie board styling book. The donation/gift closet is starting to load up! I always like having extra gifts for those pop-up birthday invites too! I snagged this Lite Brite set, Mickey game, and playfoam. Games and books are a must in my home! I always stock up during the Prime deals on these! Sorry and Clue were added to our collection of games. I’m still waiting for this self-esteem book and Christmas book to arrive. I still write in script, so my daughter always asks what I’m writing and was interested to learn herself – I couldn’t add this cursive activity book to my cart quick enough! My son is so into learning about everything, and I’m hoping these Smithsonian, DK, and National Geographic encyclopedias help! I have no idea what I’ll use this Elmer’s squishies activity kit for…maybe a party activity, rainy day activity, or the donation closet – I’m sure it’ll come in use though. My daughter is obsessed with Squishmallows and I was surprised to see they were featured this year on Prime Day! Her birthday and Christmas are coming up, so into the gift closet it goes. So many people that I’ve spoken to about these tonies have raved about them, so this was a no-brainer for my son for the Christmas closet stash! 

Fellicia – Not only did Fellicia have a wish list put together, but so did her hubby! He has his “man-cave” in mind, and she was able to snag a great deal on this JBL speaker for him. Awe! Such a nice wife isn’t she?!

  1. Julie Shutz says:

    We picked up a fire stick TV for just 159$! Love it! Now I have Prime and other streaming in my bedroom!

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