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We are in the thick of summer and that means you’ve probably already switched out your spring beauty products for your summer ones. Whether you are a minimalist like me and keep it simple with a skin care routine and a dash of make-up, or you’re a full-blown beauty mogul, here are all of the trending and my favorite summer beauty product must-haves!

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Cleanser – A good cleanser like Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser melts away dirt, oil and makeup. It tones and lightly hydrates in one simple step for skin that feels clean and comfortably balanced. Don’t forget to leave your cleanser on for a decent amount of time before rinsing off, at least 60 seconds.

Moisturizer – One should use a moisturizer year-round, but with the increased amount of sun exposure, summer calls for extra moisturizer hydration! Elemis Superfood is a good product to use and mixes well with Drunk Elephant sunshine drops for a healthy glow, even if you’re not using any make-up. If there’s one thing I wish I started sooner in life, it would be moisturizing my face and neck areas.

Exfoliate – This has to be my favorite part of my beauty routine! I love the feeling of a good exfoliation happening on my skin. Knowing that I am getting all of the dead cells off, especially after a full day of summer sun… ahhhhh I can feel the feeling now! Tree Hut hydrating sugar face scrub has a great line of products and oooohhhh those summer scents!

SerumGood Molecules daily brightening serum helps to maintain a bright, even-toned complexion with the ingredients working to gently brighten skin and promote a healthy, youthful complexion. I use my serum post shower, exfoliation, and cleansing.

Under-Eye Mask – This is one of my top five favorite type of beauty products. I have 4 young kids, and I am a migraine sufferer…so these give me life! I love using them the morning after a migraine attack because they have caffeine in them, and it just makes my under-eye area not look like I just went through it the night before. Good Molecules caffeine energizing hydro-gel eye patches are where it’s at!

Lip Exfoliation – I literally just learned about lip exfoliation this year – I never knew there was such a thing but I am on board and LOVE it! Your lips need just as much love as your facial skin, and it makes sense as your lips can dry out and crack just like your skin! FLOWER Beauty by Drew petal pout lip scrub is the first ticket to a perfect pout!

Lip Mask – Right after exfoliating my lippies, I reach for my overnight lip mask, and I am obsessed! Lip masks are super rehydrating and leave lips feeling smoother and just nicer overall. I will even put it on before leaving the house as a nice little pop of gloss, and mine smells divine! FLOWER Beauty by Drew petal pout lip mask again for the win.

Concealer NARS radiant creamy concealer corrects, contours, highlights, and lasts up to 16 hours…I would give it a good 8 hours in the summer months. Use it for under your eyes and above the gap between your eyebrows. It’s creamy and blends very nice.

Foundation24 hour coverage L’Oreal infallible fresh wear with built in sunscreen gives just enough matte, which is a summer 2023 look vs the old shine look, but not too dewy and stays intact without getting that glare look at the end of the day.

BronzerTower 28 Beauty Bronzino Illuminating Cream Bronzer adds instant warmth and a subtle shimmer and Tower 28 Beauty Sculptino Soft Matte Cream Contour + Bronzer can shape and sculpt your face with a blendable texture and neutral undertones – use one for day and one for night!

Highlighter Tower 28 Beauty SuperDew shimmer-free balm is a highlighter that gives a bit of a wet look with a natural glow, but without the glitter. Blend on the bridge of the nose and a dash above the brows.

Setting SprayE.L.F Dewy Coconut setting mist first off just smells like summer – got me wanting a pina-colada – and secondly, it helps give your makeup lasting power for those long summer days and nights.

Mascara – Does anyone else feel naked without mascara on?! During the summer months a waterproof mascara is clutch, and this L’Oreal Telescopic original waterproof mascara enhances your lashes with length and definition all while keeping it lightweight.

Blush – Pink and peach color tones, cream or powder, it doesn’t matter…they are all in for the summer months. The matte look is preferred again with the beauty product, so this Charlotte Tilbury Matte Beauty Blush Wand is what you’re looking for…just dot and blend.

Self-Tanner – Grab your trusty mitten and also a foundation brush for your elbows, wrists, ankles and knees to buff out and give you more control – it helps with product buildup in those particularly dryer areas. If you’re looking for a bronzed bod before vacay or prefer to not to lay out, this St. Tropez self-tan kit is your ticket to a beautiful, sun-kissed look.

Tinted Moisturizer – I LOVE a tinted moisturizer, it’s definitely my go-to! IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Oil-Free Matte with SPF 40 offers coverage, hydration and SPF protection with a nice matte finish. Sometimes all I need is this, mascara and out the door I go!

Lip Stain – Glossy to be exact! Fenty Beauty by Rhianna poutsicle hydrating lip stain is long-lasting and hydrating and a perfect way to finish off a look.

Summer ScentValentino Donna Born in Roma Coral Fantasy is this summer’s scent, with a fruity floral scent of orange, jasmine and rose; pairs nicely with a summer cocktail or mocktail if you will.

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