End-of-Year School Parties

The anticipation of summer break for students and teachers starts in the month of May, but as June soon comes around so do the end-of-year school party planning! Room parents unite! Themes, games, goodies…nothing is left out during this exciting time of the school year. This event doesn’t have to break the bank either as most things were purchased from the $1.25 store. We’ve got the behind-the-scenes deets on how Kristy and Krista put together their festive and summer fun and circus/carnival end-of-year school parties!

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Photo Stations – An easy task with few supplies is all you need no matter your theme! Grab a tri-fold poster board, spray glue a tablecloth to it, then use construction paper to make the arrows and post. If you have a Cricut you can create the beach letters, or purchase sticker lettering – the hanging sun was a dollar store find. Have the students decorate felt frames with stickers or just grab some photo props!

A thick poster board with some decorative items like laminated signs, tinsel foil fringe and photo booth props is how this circus/carnival-themed photo backdrop was created. These photo booths can be used both outdoors and indoors, in case the weather isn’t cooperative.

Activities – Grab canvas tote bags, and again if you have a Cricut you can personalize them with each student’s name, or have the kids decorate them! Students can use fabric pens to sign each other’s bags and bring all of their party stuff home in them – such a creative and fun activity.

Sand art bottles and rock painting are a couple more artistic ways to celebrate the end of another school year. The bottles for the sand art are from the $1.25 store and another parent had some extra sand laying around so they were able to utilize that – look at how cute they turned out! Krista grabbed rocks from her garden and the students painted them, added their initials and year, and could either keep them or hide them around town for their friends to find!

Face painting is ALWAYS a hit no matter what kind of event you’re putting together, so it was an easy decision to add face painter to the lineup for the circus/carnival EOY party! If our readers are located in the South Jersey shore area, Amanda Desouza comes highly recommended! IG: MUABYAD

Games – The F&T fav...the prize punches make more appearances for both of these EOY parties! They are super easy to create and even more fun for the kiddos to play; just fill with fun prizes like temp tattoos, stickers, snap bracelets, and squishy toys and you’re ready to go. Use a disc drop game for some added flair so the kids can punch the cup based on whatever number they landed on!

Think classic games…you can’t have a carnival without ring toss, right, and this large outdoor blow-up ring toss game is the cutest! And who doesn’t love bingo?! Add on a colorful parachute paired with a beach ball, relay races, and water balloon toss using reusable water balloons for some team play, and voila!! These games will never go out of style and are perfect additions to a successful EOY celebration!

Snacks & Treats – Simple and sweet is all that is needed here. Simple is a cute little goody bag with some snacks like sliced fruit, Annie’s GF goldfish {always check for any classroom allergies}, and a juice box or small water. Popcorn is a fan fav, too, especially in those cute little popcorn bags! How sweet are the Ice-Pop filled buckets…all the summer vibes for the kids!

No matter what theme you choose or the size of your class, these EOY parties are always a hit and the kids who have worked hard all school year always have a blast. A big thanks to all of the parents like Kristy and Krista who go above and beyond to create these kinds of memories!

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