Field Day Fun!

a group of kids sitting on the grass while doing high five

Kristy is not only the face of F&T, she also love love loves contributing to her daughter’s class at school! She absolutely adores being able to relive her childhood through her children, and I am right there with her for sure! Field day is just an absolute classic am I right?! Of course, it was it wasn’t even a second thought for her to help by creating a bag for the kids in the class to get them excited for the day and just maybe create a little competition among the other classes! Here is what she put together for a fun day for the kiddos!

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Water bottles are perfect for field day to keep the kids hydrated – kick it up a notch and add little individual packets of Gatorade for those extra electrolytes! Don’t forget snacks as well to keep their energy level up. Something as simple as Pirate’s Booty popcorn and dried fruit does the trick!

Sweatbands for their little heads and wrists haha! Can’t you just see them now! I am totally getting Will Ferrell in Semi-Pro vibes from them!

Even after the sunglasses and decorative eye “blue” stickers which were also must haves, they realized that they needed something more. Kristy said that a couple of moms got together and added these life size personalized hand fans with the teachers faces on them…these are seriously going to be epic – (of course they got permission from the teachers before proceeding to get them made). Could you imagine!

TIP: check your local printing service as they may be able to create them for you at a lower cost.

Placing all of the items in a cute reusable tote bag keeps everything together and *voila* – you’ve got yourself a whole field day fun bag!

“I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!” …I know the parents are just going to love us for this as we have little cowbells that will be paired with lanyards for when they are running around. I just can’t with this!

Her daughter’s class is the dark blue team so that’s the color they grabbed everything in, if you couldn’t already tell! GO TEAM!

Kristy cannot wait to be on that field cheering her daughter’s class on as the many faces of her teacher are scattered all over – sure will make for a memorable year for everyone! Be sure to follow us on LTK, FB, IG and TikTok for lots more fun ideas and other awesome deals!

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