Earth Day Fun

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Mother earth…planet earth…earth mother…earth land are just some of the names of endearment for where us humans live. There is one single day on the calendar that honors this earth and encourages humans to give back in different types of ways. If you are looking for unique ways to participate or celebrate, I am literally going to spell it out for you! See our Earth Day fun ideas below.

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E = Eats – Eating clean or at least upping your veggie intake is one way to participate on Earth Day. If you’re anything like me, I love food especially when it is in the form of a charcuterie board! The fruit and veggie options are endless paired with some healthy hummus and homemade guacamole…are you salivating yet? Add some gourmet cheeses, nuts and of course something sweet and voila, a whole Earth Day-inspired charcuterie board!

A = Activity – There are so many activities to participate in that are Earth-friendly or geared towards Earth Day. Planting of trees and flowers is always encouraged, but if you’re anything like me and lack the green thumb or just want to get the kids involved, there are a lot of options to choose from. The butterfly garden is always a great way to go and is educational! If you are looking for a faster way to get results or have an artistic interest, then there are other options like a sunflower garden or a birdhouse!

R = Reusable – As I get older and more self-aware of the waste that is produced, I try to find ways to limit the trash that my family and I accumulate. We are on the go a lot, especially in the summer with trips to the lake and beach. I used to grab a Styrofoam cooler…insert cringe face emoji…which I never realized was so harmful, but now I can grab a reusable cooler from Target which is made from biodegradable materials. It is the guilt-free way to keep your items cool for road trips or outdoor use and is legal in every city, county, state and country!

T = Trash Cleanup – A good cleanup goes a long way! There are always places in the community that can benefit from a trash cleanup and it is very simple to do – just grab some disposable gloves or, even better, reusable gloves that can be washed and some trash bags and an hour or two of your time! If you’re looking to find a good cleanup spot, be sure to reach out to your local public works office and ask them for specific locations…they may even have a scheduled community/town cleanup to participate in!

H = Habitat Enhancements – Have you ever visited an alpaca farm? If you have one in your area, I highly suggest scheduling a visit to one and if you have kids, they will love it! If you have been to one, you may have noticed bird nests around the farm made from alpaca fur! The birds seem to love the soft and cozy homemade nesting wreaths, and they attract such beautiful birds to the area and build a wonderful space for their babies adding to their habitat!

D = Drink – Ditch the soda for a day, look for a festive way to celebrate Earth Day! One idea is with a tasty iced butterfly pea and matcha tea latte or, if you need to warm up, try it hot with sweet cold foam. Just a few ingredients are all you need and it’s aesthetically pleasing too! You can check out how to make this here!

A = Action Steps – Taking these 5 action steps can make such a difference. Eating sustainable seafood: did you know that over-fishing puts the survival of penguins at risk? Recycle your electronics: the materials can be used to reduce mining in chimpanzee habitats! Don’t idle your car: idling pollutes air in and around vehicles affecting animals such as birds and squirrels. Since it is springtime, look into planting pollinators and of course, don’t forget to recycle when possible!

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Y = Youth Involvement – “Children are the future,” so exposing the younger generation to the importance of Earth Day and opening their minds to the endless possibilities of ways they can help make an impact is so important. Teachers do such a great job of helping students learn about the earth and have very creative methods of demonstrating ways to get their attention. I highly encourage parent participation as well – kids are often compared to sponges, so the more that we can instill in them the importance of doing our part and getting involved, the higher the likeliness of them actually doing it! My suggestion to you is to create an Earth Day tradition that can be carried on in your family through future generations. The possibilities are endless, so what are you waiting for?! Happy Earth Day!

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