Chalk Play

close up photo of assorted colored chalks

Nicer weather is upon us and that means a lot more outside time with my kids, which they live for! They especially love playing with outdoor chalk, so I always keep at least one container of it stocked in our garage. Recently, my 5-year-old specifically requested we bring out the chalk and get creative, and that was a no-brainer for me…chalk play it was! See our creative learning with chalk play below.

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I happened to have a ½ box of the 192 count Scented Chalk Sticks by Scentos, so I grabbed those and headed outside on our deck with the kiddos! They love drawing pictures and writing their names, adding on to each other’s designs, and letting their imaginations run wild – it usually always ends up being an easy 30-45 minutes of creative busy time.

My 1st grader and Kindergartener actually really enjoy it when I incorporate what they are currently learning in school and apply it to their chalk fun! For example, I will take their current sight words/trick words and write them in different colors to make a learning game out of it for them! I started doing this last year when we realized my one daughter struggled with her sight words and learning to read. This activity with the chalk really helped her and she was excited to play while learning. I even take photos or a video and send them to their teachers…they love it and praise the “extra” practice!

I love this form of play with the kids not only because it is done outdoors, but because it ignites creativity and personality, and it is just plain and simple fun! It can be done with math and other subjects as well. The options are endless!

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