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Finding good hair products can definitely be a hassle – not only can it be time consuming, it can also get expensive! We’ve done the hard work for you so you can take our word for it – these hair products are tried-and-true favorites of ours! See some of our go-to hair care below.

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Kristy: I splurge on this dry shampoo because it smells sooo good and it actually works for my hair. My hair is thin and most dry shampoos leave me with white powdery hair – but not this one, and it gives me a bit of volume which I could always use. 

Kristy: I’m big on hair products that smell good and work well! This hairspray is one of those products! Again, my hair is thin so I don’t need a lot to keep my hair in place, but I also want to be able to take my hair down and not feel like it’s glued to my head. 

Kristy: I absolutely love this spray for keeping my frizz away and making my hair shiny and soft!! I spray at the roots after the shower and comb through, then blow dry and style as usual! One use lasts me about 3 showers! 

Kristy: After I’ve blow dried my hair, I add a little bit of this bonding oil into my palms and rub throughout my hair before flat ironing or curling! 

Faith: I have pretty wavy hair that needs a lot of help in the moisture department. This leave-in conditioner does wonders for my locks – it gives me volume and definition without weighing down my hair!

Krista: I love Verb Products for my hair. I have very thin, fine and frizzy hair, these products are perfect. They don’t weigh my hair down and allow it to have some volume along with controlling the frizz! The best part? They all cost around $20!!

They hairspray holds perfectly without weighing anything down!

I LOVE the dry oil spray. I use it as a finishing spray, or as a spruce-up spray for those dirty hair days! 

The volume dry texture spray helps give that volume, especially when you want to curl or wave your hair! 

I use the ghost oil to protect my hair before blow drying (it has a heat protectant in it) and I use it to finish off with controlling the frizz! 

If you want volume, you need the dry shampoo powder. Not only does it work wonders on dirty hair days, I’ll also add it to fresh clean hair for the extra va-va-voom look! 

Once a week I’ll use the scalp exfoliating treatment. Rub it in your scalp and let it sit for ten minutes…it helps clear out all the buildup, control frizz, and it contains biotin to help hair growth! Don’t forget – good hair starts at the scalp! 

Kristy: **MAJOR SPLURGE ALERT** I’m creeping on 40 and my hormones have been going crazy…and with that so does my hair…it’s been thinning and goes through a lot, so having a good shampoo/conditioner has been a priority of mine. This shampoo has now lasted me about 2 months and still have so much left and it has been working wonders on my hair. It feels healthy, it smells amazing and it’s been falling out less!! There is a nice sampler if you wanted to try it before splurging on the big bottles – it’s what got me hooked!

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