Get Organized in 2022

We say it at the start of every year, “I’m going to get my *ish* together and get organized!!” And then it’s already June and life is as chaotic as always and you still can’t remember your appointments and to-do list tasks and whose birthday it happens to be this week (because it’s ALWAYS someone’s birthday, am I right?). Okay, we get it. Being organized is one of those things that’s easier said than done, and life happens, but we can certainly set ourselves up for success with a little help. Erin Condren is our go-to for all things organization – there’s a product for every need and a style for every personality. Grab a few of these planning essentials and let your life be just a tad easier…it’s worth every cent. Trust us. See our organization recommendations below.


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Monthly, weekly, daily…however you need to break down your busy schedule, Erin Condren is here to help. These planners will allow you to easily keep track of meetings, appointments, daily tasks, shopping lists, and anything else you may have to handle from day to day. Choose from a wide array of styles and layouts to find the planner that best suits your needs and then get to planning! When you have a beautiful book to look at every day, it’s going to make you want to stay on top of your schedule.


If you’re a list maker, note taker, doodler, or journal-er, grab one (or two!) of these gorgeous notebooks and let your creativity flow. Customize your notebook with a variety of layouts to choose from and tons of different cover designs.

Writing Tools

One of the best feelings in the world is finding a writing tool that just gets you. It writes smoothly, it makes your handwriting look pretty, and it quickly becomes one of your most prized possessions. Erin Condren has SO many amazing writing tools, from colored markers to ballpoint pens. Whatever your preference, it will certainly be your new go-to writing implement.

Planner Accessories

Accessorize, queen! Everyone knows accessories can make an outfit, and this applies to your organizational needs as well. Bookmarks, stickers and sticky notes, snap-in dashboards…these planner accessories will take your scheduling and coordination game to the next level.

Desk & Office

Your work desk is where the magic happens, and keeping it neat and looking nice will definitely help you crush those goals you set for 2022 and tackle pesky projects. Whether you’re working from home or heading into the office every day, create a workspace that gives you a feeling of peace and power.


Teachers and students rejoice! Erin Condren has a line of school supplies made specifically to set our educators and our scholars up for academic success. From lesson planners and teacher favorites to academic planners and back-to-school supplies, you can find everything you need to conquer the classroom.

Thanks for reading! Which of these organization essentials are you grabbing to help you stay organized this year? Let us know xo.

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