Setting Goals and Sticking with Them

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As the new year creeps in, the pressure to evaluate how far you’ve come this year can begin to build, and you may feel the need to make huge life changes for next year. Setting goals is awesome but it shouldn’t be stressful. If you make them attainable and follow a few simple steps, reaching your goals can be easy and even fun to do! See some of our goals we are setting for 2022 and how we plan to stick with them.

Setting Your Goals

What is it that you would like to accomplish this upcoming year? Saving for an expensive purchase? Spending more time focusing on self-care? Volunteering or donating to charity? Maybe your goal is as simple as starting every day with a smile and a little gratitude or putting your shoes away in the closet instead of leaving them laying around. No matter how big or how seemingly small, setting a goal can be intimidating! No one wants to feel like they’ve failed, but you automatically fail if you don’t even try. So, pick a goal that you know you can reasonably accomplish with a little hard work and dedication, and believe in yourself! The first (and biggest) step is having the confidence to make those changes.

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One of my goals for next year is to stick with a meditation practice. Meditation has been a part of my life for years, but I’ve never done it consistently, despite all of the science behind how truly life changing it can be! My goal for 2022 is to take the time to meditate every day, whether it’s for five minutes or an hour. Zen master, here I come.

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One of Kristy’s goals for 2022 is to drink more water! We all know how important it is to stay hydrated and the wonders it can do for our health, skin, digestion, energy levels, and overall mood. Yet between running a business, raising two kids (and two dogs), taking care of a home and a husband, and still finding time for herself, drinking plenty of water can easily fall through the cracks for Kristy. Next year she will be a hydrated (and happy) queen, though! One of these smart water bottles will definitely help.

Sticking to Your Goals

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Okay…now you’ve got your goal all picked out and you’re feeling good and you’re excited for change. Amazing!! How can you make sure you’re doing your best to reach your goals? Follow one, two, or all of these steps below to help you accomplish your aspirations.

  1. Write it down – If you write your goal down somewhere you can be reminded of it daily (a post-it note on your bathroom mirror, hung up on your fridge, set on your nightstand, or on your desk calendar) you’re more likely to feel motivated to do it. Plus, it’s great to get clear about what you would really like to accomplish.
  2. Schedule it – Set aside a specific time for your goal. If it’s a daily workout, put it in your planner. If it’s putting aside money for something, write it down for every pay day. Making time for your goal is easier if you put it in your schedule…just like you would any other important meeting or event.
  3. Tell others – Telling the people you love and trust about your goals and how you plan to accomplish them can help with accountability! Make sure you’re sharing your journey with people who support you and want to see you succeed, though. They can be a great source of inspiration during those times you feel like giving up.
  4. Document your progress – Seeing is believing. Documenting your progress can help you look back at how far you’ve come when you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel going nowhere. It’s easy to get discouraged if you feel like you’re putting in work and seeing no results, but sometimes the results are happening right in front of our eyes, and we’re too consumed with doing more or being better that we miss how great we’re actually doing.
  5. Avoid striving for perfection – There will be bumps in the road along the way. That’s part of the process! Don’t get hung up on being perfect and don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or mess up a little. Pick yourself back up and keep going. Consistency (not perfection) is key!!
  6. Use the proper tools – Set yourself up for success by using the proper tools. If your goal is to eat healthier, buy yourself a nice blender for smoothies or that juicer you’ve always had your eye on. If your goal is to watch less TV, grab a few new books you would like to read or some games and activities you would enjoy. You’re investing in yourself, and it’s worth every penny.
  7. Make it fun and find the joy – And last but certainly not least, HAVE FUN! You’re working toward a better you, and this shouldn’t feel like a chore or an obligation. Find ways to bring joy into it, or even set up a reward system for yourself! There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little perk every now and again.

You can do this! Set your goal and get to it. There is a whole new you waiting on the other side.

Thanks for reading! What are some goals you’re setting for yourself in 2022? Let us know xo.

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