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Christmas trees may just be the most versatile holiday decorations out there. With so many types of trees to choose from, real or artificial, and an endless amount of ornaments and decorations to adorn it, you can really tailor your tree to showcase your individual style and personality. Whether you like classic, cutesy, or chic, making your Christmas tree your own is one of the best parts of prepping for the holidays. See our trees, and how we like to decorate them, below.

The Family Tree

This is Kristy’s family tree, and it’s her pride and joy! As a collector of Christmas ornaments, she has curated a gorgeous collection over the years and the resulting tree is a sentimental statement piece. Filled with unique ornaments that mark special moments and occasions in her and her family’s lives, her favorite thing to do is curl up with a cup of coffee and reminisce in the glow of the Christmas lights. Also, this 7.5ft tree happened to be left behind, brand new and never used, by the old owners of her house and was found one day tucked away in the back of the attic…what a lucky find!

This ornament is from Kristy’s family’s first trip to Disney this year. A replica of Cinderella’s castle and other Disney landmarks sit encased inside an iridescent glass Mickey Mouse head. This is Kristy’s favorite ornament!

This little chocolate bar is straight from Hershey Park, where Kristy’s now-husband proposed to her on the weekend of her 30th birthday. How sweet!!

As a business owner, Kristy spends a lot of her time getting work done, and her husband likes to tease her about how hard she works! This grumpy elf sings a little jingle about “taking care of business.” Very fitting.

The Kids’ Tree

Tree | Tree Collar | Bow Tree Topper

Because her family tree is carefully coordinated and decorated, Kristy also puts up a tree (this is a 6.5ft pencil tree) just for the kids so they can join in on the decorating fun! Every year, Elf on the Shelf brings her kids a box of themed goodies filled with items from their favorite characters of the moment, which includes a Christmas ornament. Spiderman, Lion King, Minnie Mouse, and Frozen have been just a few!!

This Disney castle ornament from Lenox is silver-plated, topped with 24k gold accents, and makes a beautiful addition to any tree. Embossed with the year 2021, it’s a commemoration of Kristy’s family trip to Disney this past fall.

If you’re familiar with the story of “The Polar Express,” then you know the meaning behind this bell from Santa’s sleigh! It represents the magic of Christmas and serves as a reminder to believe.

The Grinch is a holiday classic, and this ornament depicts the story of how this mischievous, misunderstood outcast from Whoville tries to steal Christmas.

This Tangled Rapunzel stained-glass ornament and this Frozen Elsa ornament (she sings!!) are both favorites of Kristy’s daughter and add fun princess magic to the kids’ tree.

The Mini Tree

Your tree doesn’t have to be big to be beautiful! I love having and decorating my own tree, but my apartment isn’t very large and I don’t have the room for a full-sized tree. I grabbed this 4.5ft pre-lit tree and I love it! I really made it my own by decking it out in black and gold (my favorite colors) and it fits perfectly in my small space without being overwhelming.

I kept the decorations simple with with these black and gray ball ornaments and gold glitter poinsetta flowers. The animal-print Mickey Mouse heads were a gift from my sister when she went to Disney years ago, but they really complement my black and gold theme, and I love the personal element they add to the tree.

All that glitters IS gold if this tree skirt is any indication! I wasn’t sure if the sequins would be too much in a small space, but I got a smaller skirt (36″) and I am obsessed with it. The sequins add some fun sparkle, and it looks gorgeous glittering under the lights of the tree at night.

Thanks for reading! What are some of your favorite ways to decorate your tree? Let us know xo.

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