A Modern Farmhouse Living Room Redo

Sometimes your home needs a refresh. And not just a new coat of paint or some different decor pieces, but a total revamp…a whole new vibe for a space that may be outdated and inconvenient. While the thought of completely redoing a room may be overwhelming, it’s easier than you might think! With a little elbow grease and a lot of imagination, you can transform any space into one that’s inviting, relaxed, and comfortable. Check out Kristy’s complete living room renovation below.


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Kristy’s old living room was definitely outdated, and this room has been on her “to-do” list since she bought her house. But, as we all know, life happens, and the redo was pushed back more than a few times. Finally though, she had enough of the “casino carpet” as she calls it, the old tiled fireplace, and the lack of storage space, and she put her plan into action! Her vision: bright and clean, yet cozy and comfortable, with lots of shelving for all her decorations and a more favorable layout for her family to enjoy and grow into. Her modern farmhouse living room was ready to come to life.


Goodbye casino carpet!! Kristy’s least favorite part of her old living room was the carpet. This bad boy was getting ripped up and tossed out and replaced with gorgeous new hardwood flooring. The dark color was chosen to complement the rest of the light, bright colors that would dominate the space, and give the room a sleek, modern look.

Once the floor was done, it was time to get started on some structural work. Two of those big projects were swapping the old fireplace for a new electric one, and installing three separate floor-to-ceiling shelving units with shelves on top and closed-door cabinets on the bottom. Now she would have a fireplace she could actually use and tons of extra storage space…plus areas to decorate and display her favorite keepsakes!

A couple of simple changes that made a huge difference were adding shiplap to the walls between the shelving units and replacing the overhead light and fan with recessed lighting. The shiplap adds texture and dimension to the space, while the recessed lighting gives it a clean, bright look. The lighting was strategically placed to highlight the shelving units and where the seating areas would be.


And it’s done!! Can you believe this transformation?! The living room is a totally new space and it’s ready to be cleaned up and decorated! See how Kristy pulled the whole room together below.

Couch Set | TV Stand | End Table | Area Rug

The furniture is really what brings the whole look together. The couch set, which includes a couch, love seat, and recliner, are made from soft fabric in a dark gray color, which is ideal for Kristy. With two kids and two dogs, she wanted a darker color that still looked clean and modern. The farmhouse-style TV stand has sliding doors to easily hide game consoles and TV accessories, and the white wooden end table has deep shelves inside for plenty of extra storage, plus USB ports for easy charging of everyone’s electronics. The shag area rug, with its beige and cream boho pattern, is stylish and contemporary, and soft enough for the kids to hang out on.

Blanket | Pillows (or these similar ones)

Comfort is key! This soft knit blanket and these gorgeous faux fur pillows add extra coziness to the couches. Perfect for snuggling up by the fire, cuddling during a movie, or taking a short Sunday afternoon nap (one can dream, right?) these cream-colored accessories bring a softness to the gray couches and perfectly complement the area rug to tie the whole look together.

One of Kristy’s main goals with this living room revamp was altering the layout so she could make a dedicated space for her kids to hang out and relax. With the TV hung on the back wall and the furniture placed against the adjacent wall and facing the TV, there is now a large open area for her kids to play and watch TV and movies.

24″ Clock | Decocrated Home Decor Box

Shelves for days, baby!! Look at all that space to decorate and display! These shelving units are Kristy’s favorite part of the redo. As someone who loves to swap decorations with the seasons and holidays, she now has plenty of room to showcase her style and really give the space some personality. Her go-to for decorating? Decocrated!! A lot of her pieces come from the home decor subscription box and she loves being able to add to her collection each season when a new box arrives. Curious as to how you can make the most of your shelving space and wow the world with your decorating skills? Stay tuned for our post on how to decorate shelves!!

And just like that, a brand new living room that’s light, open, and modern, but still inviting and cozy. Now, of course, you’ll probably need to enlist a little help if you want to revamp a room like this. Most of these projects aren’t DIY, and expert knowledge is key to a flawless transformation. Kristy had the awesome crew from P&M Builders, LLC, help her out with this one, and they couldn’t have done a better job. A HUGE thank you to those guys for helping her gorgeous living room vision come to life and making this space one worth hanging out in…all the time.

As Kristy prepares for the holiday season, this living room is going to look like a winter wonderland. Be on the lookout for our how-to guide on decorating for the holidays, and let us now what you think of this amazing transformation!!

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