Amazon Garage Storage and Organization

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The garage is like the junk drawer of the house…it’s easy to let it get cluttered and disorganized, and when you finally do need something from in there, it’s pretty much impossible to find. Keeping your storage area organized is easy and affordable, though, with these finds from Amazon. The hardest part is deciding to go through all the clutter and clean it out, but once you’ve done it you’ll be relieved! Use some of these items below to help you get started.

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This durable storage cabinet has multiple shelves for optimal organization, and also locks, making it a great place to keep chemicals or tools that you don’t want the kiddos to mistakenly get into! A heavy duty shelving unit is the perfect spot to keep these storage bin totes, which you can use for holiday decorations, spare household items, or off-season gear. This pegboard tool organizer is a group favorite and makes for easy access to tools and hardware. Keep all of your mops, brooms, or garden tools in one place with this wall-mounted broom holder. These bicycle hooks aren’t just for bicycles – hang extension cords, free weights, ladders, and more in a convenient and clean manner. For those of you who have sports fanatics in the house, these ball holders will keep all of your sports equipment off the floor and out of the way. And if you’re short on floor space, this overhead storage rack is ideal for extra storage that’s out of the way. It also helps protect any items from water damage, dirt, and grease.

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