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The front of your house is the first thing people see when approaching, and if you’re lucky enough to have a front porch, a little charm here can go a long way. Front porches are also great spaces to hang out and unwind or sit back and watch the world go by, so showing them some love will benefit you, too! Amazon has so many affordable items to fancify your home’s façade. Check out a few of the looks we put together below.

Farmhouse Fresh

The sun is rising, the birds are chirping, and the smell of coffee brewing wafts through the house. You pour yourself a cup in your favorite mug and head out to the front porch for a few moments of peaceful bliss as your morning slowly begins. These bright yellows and fresh whites will help to energize you and prepare you for the day ahead.

Hanging Swing | Plaid Area Rug | Iron Side Table | Sunflower Table Plant | Wooden Basket Planter | Sunflower Throw Pillow Covers | Lanterns | Sunflower Wall Art | Welcome Sign

Cabin Cozy

It’s a crisp, cool fall afternoon, the leaves are just beginning to change colors, and there is nowhere else you’d rather be than cuddled up on the front porch of your cabin hideaway with a cup of hot chocolate or tea and a good book to get lost in. These warm wooden accents and deep reds will help you get cozy and pass the afternoon in a glorious reverie.

3-Piece Wicker Set | Area Rug | Throw Blanket | Wicker Storage Basket | Decorative Bird Cages | Birdhouse | Hanging Flower Basket | “Porch Rules” Sign | String Lights

Coastal Chic

The warm ocean breeze dances on your sun-kissed skin and carries the smell of salt and sunscreen towards you. The sun begins to set and paints the sky with pastel pinks and golden yellows, and you sit back in your rocking chair on your beachfront balcony with a glass of wine in hand and breathe in deeply. These lavender purples and calming greens will help you unwind and relax after a long day.

Rocking Chair | Side Table | Area Rug | Lavender Throw Pillow Covers | Lavender Table Plant | Welcome Wreath | Hanging Lantern | Throw Blanket | Woven Storage Basket | Metal Planters | Straw Pouf

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