Kids’ Boredom Busters

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While kids love the summer holiday because they don’t have to get up early and go to school, a lot of parents find themselves having to constantly entertain their little ones for three long months. When the dog days of summer hit, and you don’t think you can hear one more “I’m booooreeeddd,” don’t panic. We’ve gathered a bunch of boredom busters for the kids so you can simply direct them to the craft closet and let them be amused for hours, hopefully giving you a little peace and quiet.


For the curious-minded children who are always asking questions and trying to figure out how things work, a science experiment kit is the perfect afternoon activity.

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Eggsperiments | Dino Island Terrarium | Earth Science Kit | Optical Science Kit | Crystal Growing Kit | Liquid Science Lab | Discovery Mind Blown Kit | Space Science Kit


For the hands-on kiddos who like tactile toys, these building kits are the best boredom busters.

Magna-Qubix | Glow In the Dark Marble Run | Snap Circuit Skill Builder | Beach House LEGO | Harry Potter Chess Set LEGO | The Hungry Caterpillar Magna-Tiles| Robot Building Set | IQ Builder Set


For the imaginative youngsters who like to create their own masterpieces, these art kits will allow them to express themselves for hours on end.

Painting Essentials | Create Your Own Scrapbook | Fairytale Craft Kit | Surprise Balls | Slime Lab Kit | Fleece Quilt Kit | Monster Craft Kit | Comic Book Studio


For the clever little ones who love to use logic, these games and puzzles will keep them sharp-minded and quick-witted.

Ryan’s World Mystery Spy Vault | Robots and Coding | Pegboard Games & Puzzles | Space Puzzle | Brainteasers | Magic Kit | Solve the Mystery Book

Thanks for reading! What are some activities you like to occupy your little ones with?

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