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Ah, the great outdoors. Fresh air, forest landscapes, and fireside sing-alongs…camping, hiking, fishing, and stargazing. Getting out into the wild and appreciating nature can be so healing and renewing. So grab your s’mores ingredients and your best scary stories because we’ve rounded up all your camping and hiking essentials to help you prepare for a weekend away in the woods.

Essential Equipment

When preparing for your hiking or camping adventure it’s important to pack all the necessities. Obviously a tent, blanket, bug repellant, and survival kit are the basics. Add in cookware, a portable grill, coffee maker, water filter, and beverage holders to ensure your nutritional needs are met, and don’t forget your backpack (you can fit most of your gear in here)!

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Outdoor Apparel

Proper outdoor apparel is definitely important for a successful open-air excursion. You want to bring comfortable clothes made out of breathable and protective fabrics. Layers are a great idea as temperatures can change drastically from morning to night. Proper footwear made with good grip and waterproof materials will keep your feet cushioned, and a fanny pack is great if you need to carry important items with you but don’t want the weight of a bulky backpack.

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Thanks for reading! Let us know what you love about outdoor getaways and what essentials you bring xo.

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