Vegan Beauty

Choosing a vegan lifestyle isn’t just about the food that you consume, it’s about so much more, like the clothing you wear, the cleaning products you keep in your home and the everyday beauty products you use. Maybe you’re like me and aren’t vegan but are conscious about trying to be a mindful consumer –Continue reading “Vegan Beauty”

Our Favorite Hair Care

Finding good hair products can definitely be a hassle – not only can it be time consuming, it can also get expensive! We’ve done the hard work for you so you can take our word for it – these hair products are tried-and-true favorites of ours! See some of our go-to hair care below. Kristy:Continue reading “Our Favorite Hair Care”

Winter Beauty Products

Winter can be a drag for a lot of reasons (shoveling snow, anyone??) but it can be especially harsh on our delicate skin and hair! Taking the time to hydrate properly and making sure you’re using high-quality moisturizing products will help you get through those cold, brittle months with your skin, hair, and sanity intact!Continue reading “Winter Beauty Products”

Our Favorite Tarte Products

With so many different beauty brands and beauty products out there, and new ones popping up every day, it’s hard to discern fact from fiction when it comes to the promises of what a product can do for you. So when you find a brand you can trust, and products that you love, it feelsContinue reading “Our Favorite Tarte Products”

Fall Beauty Products

Our love for awesome beauty products definitely rivals our love for all things fall. So what happens when you revamp your beauty routine with the best fall-inspired products? Pure bliss, friends, pure bliss. We’ve rounded up the best in beauty featuring warm, cinnamon-y scents and touches of crisp apple for a self-care routine that isContinue reading “Fall Beauty Products”

Holiday-Inspired Beauty Products

We love the holidays, and we love a good beauty haul, so when these worlds collide, we are in heaven! There’s just something about a beloved beauty product that also has the scent of peppermint, sugar cookie, or gingerbread that really puts us in the Christmas mood. These beauty favorites below will have you smellingContinue reading “Holiday-Inspired Beauty Products”

Pumpkin Beauty Products

Can’t get enough of fall? Yeah, same here. If you also can’t get enough of beauty products (again, guilty) then do we have the list for you!! We’ve rounded up some of the best pumpkin beauty products out there so you can sit back and sip your PSL while simultaneously getting gorgeous. Check out theContinue reading “Pumpkin Beauty Products”

#NSale Lookbook

She searched, she shopped, she saved. Our leading lady Kristy eagerly took on the #NSale with high hopes for steals on a few new wardrobe staples and she was not disappointed! Check out her wish list, her purchases, and her feedback below. Tory Burch Crossbody Bag | Tory Burch Earrings | Caslon Short Sleeved T-ShirtContinue reading “#NSale Lookbook”

National Clean Beauty Day

Today is National Clean Beauty Day, and we’re celebrating by bringing you some of the best clean beauty products available. Did you know that your skin is the body’s largest organ and it absorbs up to 60% of what you put on it? Knowing that little fact should make you think twice about the typesContinue reading “National Clean Beauty Day”

Makeup Must-Haves

Beauty queens unite!! If you’re a makeup maven, you know it’s crucial to have top-quality beauty products in your cosmetics collection. For the beauty beginners, picking the perfect products can be overwhelming and intimidating. But not to worry! If you’re looking to add a few items to your supply or you’re beginning to build yourContinue reading “Makeup Must-Haves”